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I want ALL the Things

I want ALL THE THINGS – Aka Lifestyle Inflation 101

There are a lot of awesome things in the world. A lot. The trouble with lots of things, is that they cost money.  Until I become a rich, rich person, I have to strive for balance.  There are future things that I would also like to have, and if I dropped all of my money […]

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What Does the New Year Hold

What Does the New Year Hold?

Hello there. It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it.  Alas.  Life, etc. Let’s Talk About 2014 2014 was a pretty good year for Tom and I.  After some health issues in 2013, things were a lot better this past year. We saved the $80,000 that we aimed to save.  Point us! We took some vacations.  We […]

Backyard Swimming Pool

Grow Your Own – Reclaiming Pools for Food!

I have a confession to make: I am awful at getting plants to grow. And it bothers me. I would love to be able to say that I could supplement my groceries with things I grew myself. It would be turning traditionally unproductive space into something useful, reducing the inefficiencies in the transportation of our […]

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Our State of Affairs #1

Well, this is kind of the beginning, isn’t it?  At least, the first point where I tell the world what our finances look like. I cannot promise that this will be complete, this will be the Coles Notes version, as there is enough information to fill an entire blog, I assure you. As I covered […]

Drawn Theatre Curtain

Bursting onto the Scene

Hi there. Thank you for stopping by. Can I offer you something to drink? I have lots of choices, what do you fancy? I’m going to have a gin and tonic at the moment, myself. Let me introduce myself, my name is Marie. I am what they call on the internet, a long time lurker. […]

Antique Truck

The Truck is on a Mission to Cost Me Money

As the weather changed from winter to summer(ish) in the past few weeks, our truck decided that it wanted to change, too. We live in an area where it actually a requirement of the law that you have winter tires installed. Therefore, each spring and fall we have to take the gigantic tires out of […]