About Us

Hi!  My name’s Marie… and somewhere around here is Tom, probably yelling topic ideas to me from the couch.  We’re 29 year olds (for now), who live in the Rockies, in Canada.  Over the last few years, despite some upsets, we’ve done pretty darn well at saving our pennies, and earning more pennies.  What’s that you say?  Pennies don’t exist anymore?  Oh crap.  Good thing they’re all electronic pennies, I guess.

Do you ever find the conversation turning towards money and money-related things at your dinner parties?  We sure do.  Sure, some of that is probably our doing, but who doesn’t love money?  That’s part of why this site came to be.  We like talking about money, and other people seem to like talking to us about money, too.  So, let’s all talk about money, shall we?

S’More About Us

Marie likes marshmallows, but not the smell her clothes have after campfires.  Tom likes to discuss American politics, despite being Canadian through and through.  We grew up several thousand kilometers apart in Canada, one on the West Coast and the other in Ontario.  Our paths crossed in university, as a result of Marie going to her neighbours’ kegger one very, very cold night.  A few years later, they became a couple.  In the meantime, Tom took an engineering degree and followed it up with a master’s while Marie took an economics degree and followed it up with a master’s as well.

After graduation, Tom dragged Marie most of the way across the country, because he had secured a pretty solid job.  It took a few years for things to sort themselves out career-wise for Marie, but we’re sitting pretty these days.  Marie’s employment income was under $15,000 that first full year, but now she’s ever-so-close to the six figure mark ($95K in direct employment income in 2013), while Tom has north of the 100K mark for a few years and ended 2013 with $105K in direct employment income, which was a low year for him .  Individually, that means we are both 5%ers. We haven’t procreated, which puts us in the enviable position of being DINKS (Double Income, No Kids).

At this point in time, our goal is financial independence, potentially in the form of early retirement. That may change, over time, though. We are just starting to ramp up stock holdings, prior to that we were paying down our mortgage and acquiring a few big-ticket items like vehicles that we use every day. Our State of Affairs will chronicle our adventures in wealth development and management.

Welcome to Finance Refined!