What Does the New Year Hold?

What Does the New Year Hold

Hello there.

It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it.  Alas.  Life, etc.

Let’s Talk About 2014

2014 was a pretty good year for Tom and I.  After some health issues in 2013, things were a lot better this past year.

We saved the $80,000 that we aimed to save.  Point us!

We took some vacations.  We saw both of our families.  Excellent

Tom had some great career opportunities, and I had some positive developments as well.

We didn’t spend quite as much time with friends as I would like, but we are easing back in to hosting more people again.

I also wasn’t as fit as I would like to be, in general. Mostly, I can only provide excuses for that.  I don’t know where younger me found the time… and I’m really not that old!  There are days I wish I could throw a brick through the TV and make the sun stay up longer, that’s for sure.  Yes, I realize that I can technically control the TV.  It’s a struggle.

I also spend way too much time in front of the computer, what’s a 21st century girl to do?

Onward to 2015

What shall we do this year?

Save $80,000 again.  The sooner, the better.  I am a very end-goal type person.  I often struggle to enjoy the journey.  With financial targets, I also gain a great sense of relief as soon as they are achieved.  That doesn’t quite make sense all of the time, as it isn’t exactly like catastrophe is going to strike if we only save $75,000 this year.  Life will go on, we will still have a high savings rate, and that will be that.

Perhaps this hints at an underlying impatience that I have?  Oh well!

Attend several weddings.  Our vacation time and budget are going to be largely devoted to weddings this year.  Thus far, we have three to attend, two of which are in Ontario and one is in our current locale.  As a side note, vacations are one of the only things for which we budget a set amount for the year.  We also direct found money towards vacations, after we have hit, or forecast that we will hit, our savings target.

Take two (or three) vacations.  Sunshine, beaches, perhaps somewhere in Canada, and a road trip or long weekend trip as well.  I hear good things about Vegas and the shows there.

Spend quality time with friends. Oh so difficult to quantify, but I would like to put a more concerted effort into spending time with friends this year.  Given that it’s mid-January, I believe that we are off to a good start.

Figure out my volunteering situation.  I have been feeling rather burnt out from the two executive councils that I have been on for the past year.  It is not the work from the groups, per-se, but that my passion for them is only burning bright when I am engaged in the moment.  As soon as I leave the meetings, I lose the desire to execute on much.  That isn’t really fair to the rest of the groups, and it leaves me with feelings of guilt for not promptly dealing with things.  For example, right this instant, there is an email in my inbox that I don’t want to address.

That’s not a good reaction.

I do know that I am fully passionate about organizing events, but that my roles have moved away from doing so in the past while.  So, perhaps, therein lies the key.

I really ought to have ordered these from negative to positive, instead of ending on a debbie-downer note like this.

How do you envision 2015, for you and yours?

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